Insurance costs are rising and many dental practices, as well as their customer's dental hygiene, are struggling because of it. In fact, 59% of adults say they have forgone dental care due to cost. However, a new Arizona-based technology startup, called Dental Genie, has created the first-ever online dental marketplace and the only alternative to traditional dental insurance aimed to help consumers save on dental services and procedures, as well as assist dental practices in growing their client base.

“Insurance options have simply become unaffordable for many people, leaving empty chairs in dental offices and suffering dental hygiene for many Americans,” said Dental Genie’s newly appointed CEO Chris L. Anderson. “This is where Dental Genie will bridge the gap, by offering affordable options for consumers and new patients for dental practices.”

By visiting, consumers can search by zip code and/or by procedure to view a list of dentists available in their area and the pricing offered per procedure. From extractions, fillings, and implants to root canals, dentures, and crowns, Dental Genie will not only compare pricing for top-rated dentists within the network, but it will also show the cost savings compared to dentists only available through traditional dental insurance; with savings ranging anywhere from $200 to $3000 per procedure.

The new start up, which just received a $1 million capital raise, currently has 60+ dentists throughout Arizona in their network, with many more currently being added throughout the Southwest that will be announced soon. Growth plans for the innovative company show an outlook of being nationwide with 10,000 dentists in-network by 2020. “The growth potential is there given the amount of private practices there are versus corporate dental practices, as well as the overall need in affordable dentistry for consumers,” said Anderson. “At minimum, there is potentially 200 dentists per region that could join the network and as expansion picks up, alongside investor funding, I can see us easily meeting our goals even earlier than expected.”

Similar to AirBnb for travel or Uber for transportation, Dental Genie hopes to put the power in the hands of the consumer when it comes to finding affordable dental care; an alternative to the traditional means using transparency of reviews, ratings and pricing. To Read the full article click the link:

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