How did Dental Genie come about and why?
Dental Genie was conceived by a successful Arizona-based dentist who saw two significant changes happening in the industry:
  1. Dentist offices were continuously being bought and consolidated into corporate-owned ventures where profit comes before patients.
  2. Consumers were starting to change the way they looked for dentists modeling after other traditional industries like booking a flight, vacation rental, or home service.
With this in mind, he envisioned a first-of-its-kind marketplace where patients would get the price transparency they needed to find the right dentist for them, and participating dentists would benefit from increased patient flow and revenues. He saw this two-sided network focusing on the ROOT problem—removing the fear of the unknown cost—as a way to solve the major pains and complaints of both patients and dentists, and knew it was time his industry evolved like so many other service industries already had.
How do you compare to online dentist directors where I can already find dentists in my area?
Dental Genie is the first and only online dental marketplace to offer ratings, reviews AND pricing on quality dentists in your area. That means you can not only find a good dentist, but for the first time ever, you can also see and compare dentist pricing on common procedures, from cleanings to root canals. Dental Genie is all about finding a dentist and pricing that works for you and ensuring you "Know before you go & save!"
How can I be notified when you expand your approved dentist coverage?
We’d love to keep you up to date so please be sure to enter your email address at the bottom of the page where it says "Sign up for city launch updates & special promotions". Your email will then be added to our update mail list to ensure you are notified as soon as we expand to additional cities.
Is there ever any cost to Dental Genie patients?
No, Dental Genie is absolutely FREE for patients.
Do I have to sign up with a Dental Genie account?
We recommend that you sign up with an account in order to view specific pricing per dentist in your area. Otherwise, you will be presented with a higher-level summary covering average price ranges. The good news is your account is FREE! On average, patients save anywhere from $200 to $3,000 depending on the procedure.
Why did you start in Arizona?
We’re a Phoenix-based company started by a Phoenix-based dentist, so it only made sense to serve our own backyard first. We’re currently available in the greater Phoenix area and in Tucson.
Where will you be expanding dentist coverage to next and when?
We’re currently analyzing new geographical markets and will announce our next major rollout in the months ahead. Our overall goal is to help ALL Americans benefit from accessible, affordable dental care using our unique dental marketplace so we definitely have work to do!
Is there a Dental Genie mobile app?
Currently there is not a mobile app, but we can’t wait to make our little Dental Genie mascot mobile in the months ahead! Be sure to sign up for updates at the bottom of any page on our site to be notified when the app is available.


How are you different from existing online dentist directories I already participate in?

We know there are online dentist directories already in existence but what’s critical to understand is that Dental Genie is the first and only online marketplace to offer ratings, reviews AND pricing. Yes, we said “pricing”— pricing for all of your procedures so consumers overcome the biggest reason they don’t go to the dentist—fear of the unknown cost. We are an exclusive, first come, first served network of pre-approved dentists who realize the dental industry has changed and price transparency is required to level the playing field with corporate dentistry. And we get that dental patients shop differently today. In today’s instant gratification world, consumers expect all the information they need at their fingertips, especially those requiring immediate treatment and those with limited or no dental insurance.

Besides being the only online dentist marketing solution to get to the ROOT problem of empty dental chairs, we are also the only listing to limit the number of approved dentists resulting in less competition for you and more personal attention from us. We’re not looking to have the largest directory. We’re focused on quality dentists who understand the industry has changed.

And there’s one more benefit of uniquely offering procedure pricing. We provide you with an easy-to-use, online tool for market testing particular price points with the ability to quickly change values as needed.

How many dentists will there be in each city?
On average, there will be approximately 200 approved dentists in each city which is a small fraction of practicing dentists. That means reserving your spot sooner than later is critical.
What are the main ways you drive leads to my practice and how is this better than what I may be currently doing?
When you join a dental marketplace like ours, you benefit from our marketing strategy, budget, and efforts. That means no more expensive, disjointed marketing efforts that don’t necessarily deliver new patients. Instead, we do the hard work for you, driving new patients through our comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns including everything from expensive billboard, TV, and radio advertising to clever digital marketing campaigns. As a private dentist practice, your marketing dollars and expertise are going to be limited in comparison to what we can do together as an exclusive first come, first served network of pre-approved dentists. Plus, with our marketing efforts focusing on why patients don’t book appointments, you stand a better chance of filling those chairs!
How much does it cost to sign up?
We currently charge a $499 monthly subscription fee to participate in our online dental marketplace with no time commitment. It’s month to month, meaning if you’re not happy, you can cancel at any time. However, we estimate you’ll break even on your investment within the first six months as you see those dental chairs filling up.
What guarantee do I get for the monthly subscription?
We promise at least three new patient leads a month with zero marketing effort on your part.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, this is a month-to-month subscription with the option to do a year-long commitment for a reduced price.
How long does it take to sign up, get approved, and start receiving new patients?
Generally speaking, it will take one to two weeks to get you approved and then a detailed profile created including procedure pricing you’d like to present in our marketplace. The great news is we’ll guide you every step of the way making it as smooth and quick as we can!
How much are approved dentists typically reducing their rates in the Dental Genie marketplace and must I offer special pricing too?
It’s important to understand something from the start: our marketplace is not a discounted dentist service. Instead, we provide a tool for you to dynamically play with your pricing, helping you find that magical sweet spot in the market and leading to maximum new patient flow and revenue for you. We like to present our patients with “fair” pricing allowing them to find a dentist and procedure pricing that works for them. However, you have full control of what pricing you want to go with and the ability to change values as needed!