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New Patients
Find You

Stop staring at an empty dental chair that is costing you hundreds of dollars every hour! Let Dental Genie help you fill your schedule. Our marketplace not only puts more eyes on your business but actually attracts patients with immediate treatment needs.

Level the Playing field
with Corporate Dentistry

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the expensive and snazzy marketing put out by corporate dentistry? You don't need a corporate sized budget to compete. Dental Genie's revolutionary Marketplace is built to grow private practices - we excel at helping you stand out in the crowd.

Attract Cash Paying

You love your insurance patients, but let's face it - dealing with insurance companies is a major pain and costs you more money than you realize. And as treatment fees continue to rise, patients are "running out of insurance" more quickly. How much longer can we keep this up? Cash paying patients are not limited by rules or arbitrary spending limits. They simply want great care at a fair price. Fun fact: 70% of patients looking for a dentist on Dental Genie's marketplace don't have dental insurance that you have to contend with.

Dental Patients Shop
Differently Today

We just don't shop for things the way we used to. Smart business owners have figured out that old marketing techniques, are just that... old! Today's patients don't want to spend a lot of time searching for a dentist. They want information now! And they want it in one place. Dental Genie's marketplace is set up exactly how your patients are used to shopping online so they connect with the right dentist (you) faster.

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4. Get Ongoing Support
If you have other questions we are always here to support you. Contact us at genie@dentalgenie.com

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