Dental Genie – Transparency granted. ™



Dental Genie is transforming the way dentists and patients find one another through our unique online dental marketplace offering ratings, reviews, AND pricing. For the first time, patients have full transparency of dental fees for approved dentists in their area removing the fear of the unknown when it comes to procedures they or a family member needs. And they uniquely benefit from special price discounts and promotions to find what works for them, especially important for those patients with limited or no dental insurance.

For approved dentists in the network, they benefit from the first marketing solution that finally gets to the ROOT problem of empty dental chairs resulting in increased patient flow and gross revenues. Additionally, the Dental Genie service is the only marketplace to restrict the size of its dentist network to ensure the highest quality doctors, less dentist-to-dentist competition, and more personal attention for every included dental office.




“We’re changing the way people shop for dentists. We believe through full transparency of dentist fees combined with special pricing and promotions, we’re making dental work more accessible and affordable for all Americans!”