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Published - September 20th, 2018

Hi Dentists, and welcome to Dental Genie. We are excited to have you..if you are getting started for the first time this article will help walk you through the profile set up step by step...let's get started...

First Step: Register

Go to

Second Step: Profile Section

Edit the information in the profile section.

Third Step: Add & Edit Locations

Watch this video to show you what you need to do to add locations to your profile.

Fourth Step: Add & Edit Amenities

Follow these steps to add amenities.

Fifth Step: Load & Update Fee Schedule

How to load, edit, and adjust your Fee Schedule on Dental Genie

Sixth Step: Subscribe to Dental Genie

Make sure to complete this step so your listing can go live on Dental Genie.

Still Have Questions

We have a Fantastic support team that is here to answer all of your questions. Contact today!

Our system is in constant development and these instructions may be outdated. Look for new articles on our blog to help you with your profile.

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