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Published - July 25th, 2018

Genie can’t drive a car (he doesn’t have feet) but he is great at helping you grow your practice! But, Genie is here to give you a quick and simple driving lesson for you to grow your practice in a controlled manner and get your practice where you want it to be faster.

Growing your dental practice is very similar to driving a car. You have to be moving to get where you want to go. In a car, If you want to move faster, you can simply apply the gas and when the speed gets too fast, you apply the brakes. Have you ever driven with a new driver that pushes the brakes too hard and brings the car to a dead stop? It’s very costly to lose momentum in a dental practice after applying the brakes too hard.

With that same thinking, imagine controlling your profit margins the same way you control your gas mileage. The more you apply the gas, the less efficient your gas mileage. If you drive too slow, you conserve gas, but it just takes too long to get where you want to go. The same way a driver has control over fuel economy by managing their speed, a practice owner can control their profit margins by managing the “gas” and the “brakes” in their practice.

How do you apply the “gas” in a dental practice?

  • Reduce fees

  • Extend hours

  • Add new insurance plans

  • Experiment with new marketing

  • Offer “in-house” services that you usually refer out to specialists These are all things that will grow your practice and increase your cash flow.

What happens when a dentist is too busy, becomes inefficient, and needs to apply some “brakes”?

  • Raise fees

  • Limit hours

  • Refer low margin procedures out to specialists

  • Reduce or discontinue marketing

  • Drop Insurance plans

The trick is knowing how much force to apply to the gas or the brakes, and being able to predict when to do take action without over compensating and potentially losing control of your cash flow vehicle or coming to a dead stop. Dental Genie is the only resource available to alter the most powerful tool in controlling the cash flow of your office with on-the-fly fee manipulation.

Here’s how it works: When you come into the office on monday, look ahead on your schedule. Do you have a lot of openings? This is like seeing a hill up ahead on the road. If you apply the gas a little you can maintain your speed up the hill. You will need to apply one of the “gas” techniques above, and by reducing fees you will be able to fill the holes in the schedule. If your schedule is full and adding additional procedures would make you less efficient, pump the “brakes” a little and reduce the discount in the marketplace. Dental Genie allows you to apply the “gas” or pump the “brakes” in your practice in real time and on-the-fly with very little delay. No other marketing tool gives you the ability to react to the immediate market, control the speed and manage your practice “fuel economy”.

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